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The Luckiest Brush Set

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"The Luckiest" Brush set 2

These brushes have been Chelseas go-to brushes for her most recent 'Lip Collection' and 'Heart Collection'.  If you want to try something new and fun with your art then these are the brushes you need!  The quality of most other brushes do no even compare.  You will love them!!!  Promise!

Ultra-soft black goat hair bristles stay soft when wet and they are perfect for blending and softening color with acrylics, watercolor, and oil paints.  They can also be used to create backgrounds and sky washes.  The mop brush may just be Chelsea's favorite brush because it is sooo soft and fluffy!

"I created this brush set for the artist who is trying painting for the first time along with the most seasoned of artists."

Enjoy and LOVE them!

Set includes: 

-Large Mop 

-Small Mop


  • Soft black goat bristles (synthetic)
  • Black painted handles
  • Black metal ferrule
  • For use with acrylic, watercolor, and oil