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Chels Made

2024 Calendar

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The 2024 Chels Made Calendar comes in a pack of 4.

Each Calendar allows you to see 3 months at a glance which helps to see what is coming up and allows you to plan ahead.  This way of keeping a calendar has helped me conquer so much of my forgetfulness!! 

Each section has large spacious squares to write out your daily schedule. Hang your calendar in a high-traffic location such as a refrigerator, front door, or garage door.  This way you can glance at it a few times a day and can easily add new events to your calendar that pop up.

At the beginning of January, April, July, and October take your new calendar out along with stickers, tape, markers, and pens and begin writing down your schedule for the next 3 months.  (If you are like me you will want to color code your calendar with lots of different colored pens!)  

At the beginning of a new week look over each day and be sure to add the recent events that have come up throughout the week. Lastly, be creative and have fun with this new style of getting your life organized!  I hope it helps you as it has helped me and my forgetfulness. 


First calendar includes - January, February, and March

Second calendar includes - April, May, and June

Third calendar includes - July, August, and September

Fourth calendar includes - October, November, and December


Four 12x18" medium weight paper calendars

Shipping & Returns

Rolled in a white tube